About The Gleason Group
Dairy Coalition

The Gleason Group is an independent consultancy founded on the simple concept that corporate reputations are framed less by words than by deeds. Similarly, the means with which an organization communicates (through public relations, marketing, advertising and social media communications) is less important than what is being communicated. To communicate clearly, strategically, consistently and truly, organizations must define themselves through their behavior.

How an organization behaves in a crisis defines its values far more articulately than words embedded in a website. How an organization behaves towards its constituents every day, whether they be in the board room, the halls of Congress, the staff cafeteria, the marketplace or in the community, defines who that organization is to those stakeholders far more effectively than a news release. Corporate brand reputations are developed around such things as values and trust and goodwill that are communicated over time rather than events.

Communications is a means to express those values, that trust and goodwill, strategically, effectively and thoughtfully. Deciding how it is to be communicated should be a strategic reflection that mirrors the brand.

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